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My Journey

Mandy Rose Michaels

As a child I had a heart condition and at the age seven my heart stopped and I died. I saw standing at the foot of my bed a group of spirits they held out their arms for me to go with them I felt safe and loved. I was taken at what felt a very rapid speed down a tunnel of light just floating at the end I was stopped in front of me was the spirit world I was allowed to see it but not able to enter I was then told it wasn't my time and I would go back and work for spirit as a child I felt a sense of disappointment. I could see how vibrant and alive it was every flower blade of grass was vibrating.
I felt a pull backwards and I Was back in my body feeling very sad
I remember it as if it was yesterday and my spirit team told me the reason it happened was so I would never doubt it's existence.
Spirit taught me how to work with them the best way for us both. To always have trust and work from love. I work helping others develop their own gifts bridging the gap bringing the two worlds closer together.
Healing and helping those grieving, needing guidance and closure.

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