Who Can Be a Medium

I often get asked can anyone become a medium . The answer is yes we all have a gift some of us are more aware than others. This may be due to they have taken the opportunity to sit , blend with spirit or have learnt how to just be at one with self or the universe.

Mediumship is like a muscle the more you work it the stronger it becomes. Spirit want us to be their voice bring proof that life is eternal , give peace , healing and bring closure, comfort and love.

It is a gift to work for spirit and when I say work for them I truly mean that some mediums think spirit work for them this can be down to ego or a misunderstanding .

To be a good medium you have to move your mind out the way and allow spirit to blend I always say mind out spirit in. Trust is very important and always work from love with an open heart and mind and you can't go wrong .

Mediumship for me is like my oxygen it makes me feel alive the feeling of love is euphoric.

Some mediums limit theirselves by labeling how they work if instead you send out an invitation to spirit to work the best way they are able through you there is no limitations and you will open to a deeper understanding of what is possible.

Enjoy your journey

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