Medium Of The Month May

Darren Turner

Darren is a professional working medium having worked for over 15 years demonstrating and teaching others as they embark on their own spiritual journey. Darren has travelled to Germany, America and Spain, helping to reunite loved ones on both side of life.

His journey started late in life when he was in his 30’s after the passing of his Nan in 2008. His Nan was a medium in her own right, always telling Darrens Mom she would look after him when she passed. She continues to guide Darren in all aspects of his life and is always by his side especially when demonstrating and teaching

Darren views his work with spirit reuniting loved ones as an honour and a privilege, he regularly serves Spiritual Centres, Churches and Private events. This year will see Darren continue his journey around the UK with his Evening of Mediumship Tour and working with some well respected mediums.

There is no greater service than to help those that have lost someone to have the reconnection with the love and evidence from the Spirit side of life.

Darren Website can be found at

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